how I approach weddings

I believe in love. I believe love can make us braver than we ever thought, bring us to new places & open us up to new experiences, and I believe that it changes and grows over time. I believe that love has many different emotions, from joyful & fun to simple & quiet. Marriage to us means learning and growing together, unconditional love, living life to the fullest, and endless adventure & possibilities. And love & marriage looks different for each couple.

When it comes to photography and love and you, these things that are different and sometimes called imperfections-- oh, that’s the good stuff. They're real & beautiful and should be honored & expressed. An image well made brings focus, meaning, connection to what it portrays and a lasting memory for generations to come.


simply in love.

The most meaningful photos are not always the most impressive and the most impressive images are not always meaningful.


it's about connection.

I believe in offering realistic wedding day coverage because it is true that the day passes by quicker than you think. Let's make sure that we capture those candid moments by allowing time for them to happen naturally.


let's be real.

I want to create images that make you feel, to capture the love that exists between you-- photos that are honest & intimate. In my portfolio, you won't find any styled shoots, just real couples and real weddings.


trust in your photographer.

Leave the worrying for another day and embrace this day. It all leads up to this. It is my honor to capture these special days and create something beautiful for you to remember it by.


it's not about the decor.

There is a lot that goes into planning a wedding. While the details are all beautiful, nothing is as important as the people and your relationship.


Please find here answers to some questions you might have and feel free to reach out to us if you have any others.

• How do we book?

To reserve in your date, a contract must be signed and a non-refundable retainer payment must be made.

• Do you charge tax?

Yes. Photos are taxed at the normal rate for products regardless if you receive them digitally or physically in the State of Utah.

• What is the payment schedule?

I have 2 options: a) Two equal payments-- Fifty percent upon signing of the contract and the final balance is sure two weeks before the event date. b) Or 3 equal payments. 1/3 upon signing of the contract, 1/3 scheduled in the middle of the months leading up to the day, and the final balance is sure two weeks before the event date.

• What is your turnaround time?

I promise to send the finished product to you within 8-10 weeks from your wedding day, 2-3 weeks for engagement & bridal sessions.

• What do we get afterwards? Who owns the copyright?

I maintain copyright so that I may use the photos for our portfolio, but you will receive jpeg images in the maximum resolution available after editing with a Print & Share Release. The Print & Share Release allows you to print your photos with the lab of your choosing, share on your social media platforms, and redistribute to friends & family for personal use. I do provide services for archival prints, enlargements, and albums & books.

• Can I see a full gallery of your work?

YES, YES, YES! What I show on my social media and website isn’t always a good representation of an entire wedding day. I’d love nothing more for you to look through a few full galleries of weddings that I’ve delivered to clients recently. Having a really good idea of what your photographs will look like from an entire wedding day is incredibly important. There is a link on my portfolio page to view full wedding galleries.

• How many images will I receive?

I don’t place a number on this. I edit the best of the best and that is what we deliver to you. Depending on your wedding day timeline, you’ll see somewhere between 500-1000 of the images taken. Sessions will result 150-250 images.

• Do you choose the location for our engagement session?

I encourage you to think of places that mean something to you both or represents the look and feel you want from the shoot. Of course, I don’t mind providing suggestions for beautiful locations.

• Should we get a second photographer?

This really depends on your timeline. A second photographer is useful when there is a time constraint in getting critical photos or if you want different angles of a particular moment. For example, the moment you both see each other for the first time that day, whether it’s down the aisle or a First Look, getting both of your reactions and getting really creative shots is really beautiful. If you are seeing each other for the first time down the aisle, often there is a short time frame to get a lot of photos after the ceremony. We need to do family photos, wedding party photos, couple photos, and detail photos. Consider a second photographer around the time of the ceremony to help alleviate the time crunch.

• What happens during the engagement session? What should we expect?

The engagement session is a great way to warm up to the idea of being photographed before your wedding day. When I meet with my couples, most of them ask about posing and tell me that they’re not photogenic– I love proving them wrong! I’ll be helping every step of the way. I will help you get into those natural, effortless moments where you both look great and represent how you love each other. I love to help you start out with a prompt and then step back and let you interact with each other. We know that not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera and engagement sessions are a good way for me to see how you interact with each other so that you’ll be comfortable having me around on your big day.

• Should we create a list of photos we want?

You’re welcome to if it helps you think through the coverage you’re looking for! Just know that I have my own info sheet that I’ll have you fill out about a month before the event as well. You can add any information you think might be helpful in that form.

• Can we meet before the wedding day?

Establishing a great connection with you is paramount to being able to capture amazing photographs. I’d love to have a video call, meet in person, or have a session together beforehand.