I am a photographer, but that's just one part of who I am...

I had never really lived in one place for more than a couple of years. The answer to the question, "Where are you from?" was always carefully worded. "I was born in California." Or "I just moved from…" There are things in life that take time to appreciate. I can remember not always loving it. And now, truly grateful for how it has shaped me. My husband was the exact opposite. He had a hometown, graduated high school with childhood friends, knowing every street, and watching every change. I think that is part of the reason we were attracted to each other. One yearning for roots, and the other for branches. Finding them within each other. Finding in each other a home and an adventure. It is hard to remember who I was before him, and hard to imagine my life without him. When I think of him... I smile, I cry, I laugh. This is what makes me feel alive.

I'm so excited you've found the one you love!
And me! I can't wait to hear from you.