better together

Love is an adventure. Come on one with us for your engagement session.

I love engagement sessions! Okay, okay… Honestly, I would rather behind the lens most of the time. But there is that side of me that wants a beautiful photograph of the two of us that really represents our love. A photo that is not a ‘selfie’, one that is not solo because the other is taking the photo, or even one that is not our wedding photos. We understand that you might be a little uncomfortable in front of a camera and we want you to know, we get the same way. Not only is an engagement session a great way to warm up to the idea of being photographed before your wedding day, but it give me an opportunity to get to know you, see how you interact with each other, and capture beautiful images for you. I’m always excited about new locations and I’ve got plenty to suggest if you need a few ideas.

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